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Trisha Low on Kevin Killian’s Stage Fright

SPD’s “staff picks” section features this recommendation of Kevin Killian’s Stage Fright, by the inimitable Trisha Low: I think that people tend to have a lot of preconceived notions when it comes to Poet’s Theater – poets themselves especially because poets are Judgmental and there’s something about the sense of amateurism that people balk at. […]

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…translating Miyó Vestrini…

Cassandra Troyan talks with Anne Boyer and Cassandra Gillig about their translation of the poetry of Miyó Vestrini, care of The Poetry Foundation: Translators are angels—pure mediation—when they are at their best and devils—impure mediation—at their worst. But the truth is we think Vestrini, like us, would have found devils charming.

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