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New Ordinance chapbook by Steven Zultanski

We are pleased to announce the seventh in the Ordinance series, Part 3 or 4 of “Unfinished Poem in Five Parts” by Steven Zultanski. Here is how he describes it: Part 3 or 4 of “Unfinished Poem in Five Parts” is an excerpt from a book about various kinds of intimacy. The topics are broad and flexible: […]

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Source Amnesia / Almost Never…

It’s a little known fact that Hannah Weiner‘s first appearance in a European art gallery is due to the curatorial perspicacity of Margit Säde. Weiner’s work was featured in the exhibition Source Amnesia–and also provided much of the framework for the show in general–which took place in 2014 at OSLO 10 in Basel. There is […]

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