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Jean-Marie Gleize on Rimbaud and “Democracy”

Jean-Marie Gleize’s talk on Arthur Rimbaud’s “Democracy” translated into English by Joshua Clover and live at Jacket2: Experimental politics, at significant distance from political institutions, are or should be in principle like experimental art and poetry, by definition. It is for us to build our own cabins and the paths which connect them (these may […]

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Drew Kalbach on Patrick Durgin’s PQRS

Drew Kalbach’s review of PQRS is new at The Fanzine: What does it mean when our work is easily archived, searched, collated, cut apart, pasted back together, quantified, shared, compressed, leaked, and otherwise shifted from one place to another? Its materiality is questioned, since material things aren’t supposed to be that mutable, although maybe that’s […]

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