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Kevin Killian (December 24, 1952 – June 16, 2019)

Reporting with deep sadness today: Kevin Killian has passed away. His selected plays, Stage Fright, was launched just under a month ago at The Stud in San Francisco. I flew out flew out from Chicago to see Kevin and the performance of “Box of Rain” he (and the great Maxe Crandall) put on there. Kevin […]

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Announcing The Grand Complication, by Devin King

We are pleased to announce the publication of Devin King’s fourth book of poetry, The Grand Complication. Life on earth was a hot mess for Oedipus’s sons and daughters. Could there be a more fitting time to revisit the Theban cycles? In Devin King’s surprising, lively recasting, the ground is constantly grounded and slipping out […]

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