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Insomnia is an ethnographic and sociological accounting, i.e. a fiction.

So says Tan Lin, discussing Insomnia and the Aunt with David Foote at the AAWW blog “The Margins.” Read the interview here. He also says, “TV is by definition emotive. Anyone who watches TV knows this. We get most of our emotions from TV. And we get our families from TV too.”

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Ordinance 1: Memories of my Overdevelopment, by Daniel Borzutzky

Kenning Editions proudly announces the first in the Ordinance series, Memories of my Overdevelopment, by Daniel Borzutzky. Memories of my Overdevelopment reflects on the politics of translation, transnationalism, neoliberalism and the author’s life as a Chilean-American poet living in Chicago.  Through essays, poems and hybrid forms.  Borzutzky develops an argument about the continuums of economic […]

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