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A Theory in Tears, reviewed by Allison Cardon

“…if dude-cum is a mirror of dudeliness and the excretive form of patriarchy, then universalized cum, human cum, would offer a different materialism, redefining the paranoia that underwrites masculinist skepticism as paranoia proper, thereby leaving supremacist arguments from physical difference moot. Patriarchy’s metaphysics of presence would lack a master signifier, and who can imagine what […]

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The Third Annual Festival of Poets Theater, Chicago, Dec. 8-10

Sector 2337 In Association with Green Lantern Press and Kenning Editions Present: The Third Annual Festival of Poets Theater Curated by Devin King and Patrick Durgin December 8th – December 10th, 2017 This year the festival is separated into two main sections: 1) artists in response to the visionary work of the Ivory Coast writer […]

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