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Andrew Durbin interview at Pitchfork

Andrew Durbin’s debut novel MacArthur Park is being touted over at Pitchfork, replete with an excellent interview with Andrew by Kevin Lozano. This debut actually debuted as a chapbook in the Ordinance series, and you can read it in PDF form here. “Ordinance” as in coordination, ordinal points, and incendiary potential. Each chapbook in the series was […]

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Piotr Gwiazda on Carla Harryman

As the final entry in his series of Jacket2 commentaries about “how poems change,” Piotr Gwiazda discusses how Carla Harryman’s Artifact of Hope “turns philosophy into poetry.” Here is the insightful article and here is your chance to complete your collection of Ordinance series chapbooks with one of the last remaining copies. Artifact of Hope […]

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