Kenning Editions proudly announces the publication of the long-awaited second novel by Pamela Lu, AMBIENT PARKING LOT.

Part fiction, part earnest mockumentary, Ambient Parking Lot follows a band of musicians as they wander the parking structures of urban downtown and greater suburbia in quest of the ultimate ambient noise, one that promises to embody their historical moment and deliver them up to the heights of their self-important artistry. Along the way, they make sporadic forays into lyric while contending with doubts, delusions, miscalculations, mutinies, and minor triumphs. This saga peers into the wreckage of a post 9/11 landscape and embraces the comedy and poignancy of failed utopia.

$14.95 from Small Press Distribution, or enjoy a discount by subscribing to Kenning Editions. The new direct mail subscription offer allows you to choose any three titles, with free domestic shipping, at a substantial discount. You can subscribe by credit card to receive The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater and Ambient Parking Lot for a steep discount, too. If you prefer, Amazon should have it in stock. We encourage you to support you local, independent bookseller with a purchase, and to request your local public and academic libraries acquire a copy themselves!

Portions of Ambient Parking Lot were previously published in Chicago Review and Harper’s. She is also the author of Pamela: A Novel and The Private Listener, a chapbook from Corollary Press. Pamela: A Novel is on the decade’s bestsellers list from Small Press Distribution, and has been taught in a number of literature and creative writing classes. Her writing also appears in the anthologies Bay Poetics and Biting the Error, and has been published in periodicals such as 1913, Antennae, Call, Chain, and Fascicle. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On Pamela Lu’s previous novel—“Pamela: A Novel is one of the finest books to emerge from the ardent, experimental writing scene in the Bay Area . . . Lu builds a social space and founds a society.”—The Stranger “Reading the word ‘I’ in this novel becomes a mystical experience—an invitation to connect to the ‘I’ in all of us . . . This is a work of ‘precision,’ as Robert Musil would say, ‘in matters of the soul.’ It extends the novel’s capacity to think.”—Rain Taxi Review of Books “Lu, in her debut, . . . [creates] a precise and humorous elegy to the self, and to its self-subversions . . . This is a book of extraordinary philosophical subtlety and clarity, one that manages to tell a beautiful story in spite of itself.”—Publishers Weekly

ISBN: 9780976736431 binding: PAPERBACK 200pp.



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