Early 2010 will see the publication of Pamela Lu’s Ambient Parking Lot. Part fiction, part earnest mockumentary, Ambient Parking Lot follows a band of musicians as they wander the parking structures of urban downtown and greater suburbia in quest of the ultimate ambient noise—one that promises to embody their historical moment and deliver them up to the heights of their self-important artistry. Along the way, they make sporadic forays into lyric while contending with doubts, delusions, miscalculations, mutinies, and minor triumphs. This saga peers into the wreckage of a post-9/11 landscape and embraces the comedy and poignancy of failed utopia.

Pamela Lu is the author of Pamela: A Novel. Her work appears in the anthologies Bay Poetics and Biting the Error as well as in periodicals such as 1913, Chicago Review, Call: A Review, Fascicle and Harper’s.

Read an excerpt from Ambient Parking Lot on the flipside of the Kenning Editions catalog, available with any online purchase or subscription.

Dolores Dorantes’ work continues to be lauded–most recently byChristopher Winks at Jacket Magazine and Meagan Evans at Zoland Poetry–since Kenning Editions collaborated with Counterpath Press to publish sexoPUROsexoVELOZ and Septiembre: a bilingual edition of books two and three of Dolores Dorantes.

Hannah Weiner’s Open House was published by Kenning Editions in 2007 and recently reviewed in American Book Review, Boston Review, Chicago Review and Crayon. Editor Patrick F. Durgin discussed Weiner’s work, as well as his own, on northern California public radio’s “Mad River Anthology” program, now archived at Weiner’s author page at PennSound. Footage of the celebration of Hannah Weiner’s Open House at the Poetry Project is also posted to PennSound.

In recordings ranging from late 2003 to September 2008, Jesse Seldess’ PennSound author page now comprises readings of the entirety of his Kenning Editions collection, Who Opens, also reviewed in the recent edition of Crayon.



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