Moles Not Molar presents

Friday, November 18


@ Vox Populi Gallery – 319 N 11th St., 3rd Floor

IRIT REINHEIMER (Filmmaker, Philadelphia)

JESSE SELDESS (Poet, Brooklyn)

KATE ZAMBRENO (Fiction Writer, Durham, NC)

KATE ZAMBRENO‘s first published novel, O Fallen Angel, won Chiasmus Press’ “Undoing the Novel–First Book Contest” and was named as one of the best books of 2010 by Bookslut. Another novel, Green Girl, will be published this October by Emergency Press. Heroines, a critical memoir revolving around the women of modernism, some of which was incubated on her blog Frances Farmer is My Sister, will be published by Semiotext(e)’s Active Agents series in Fall 2012. She is a prose editor at Nightboat Books, and recently curated a series called Prose Event that interrogated the intersection of fiction and the essay for the Belladonna* Collaborative.

recently relocated to Brooklyn from Karlsruhe, Germany. He is the author of two books, Who Opens (Kenning Editions, 2006) and Left Having (Kenning Editions, 2011), as well as chapbooks on Hand Held Editions, Instance Press, Answer Tag Press, and the Chicago Poetry Project Press. His work has recently appeared in the journals The Recluse, EOAGH, Jacket, Little Red Leaves ( <> , and out of nothing. Since 2001, he has edited and published Antennae ( <>  <> ), a journal of experimental writing and language-based performance and music scores.

IRIT REINHEIMER is an artist and media maker based in Philadelphia. In her creative endeavors, she works across disciplines to find the most appropriate media to express and communicate her ideas. This has lead Irit on a journey that began in fine arts with sculptural installations exploring the relationship between women and work, then continued to documentary and experimental film focusing on ideas of identity and loss. Most recently, she has delved into the world of production design for film, where her experience with both installation and video has been put to a new use. Irit is dedicated to her craft and continues to create her own work; her love for community and collective projects often steers her to collaborations. Irit’s films have been screened in the U.S. and abroad.




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