Trisha Low has designed a tote bag for Kenning Editions, and it can be yours for a modest donation! The Ordinance series wraps in about a month, and just a few subscriptions remain available. These and other ways to support Kenning Editions:

A 501c3 non-profit, independent literary publisher founded in 1998, Kenning Editions began as a “newsletter” in the small press “little magazine” tradition. Since 2005 Kenning has published paperback books explicitly involved in a negotiation between political commitment and aesthetic quality. Work of this kind variously proves that “experimental” is not a stylistic feature or set of effects, but that risk and deliberation are mutually ramifying forces.

Kenning Editions is one of the few publishing outlets keeping alive innovative and experimental writing that originates under, and responds to, the multiple indices of empire.Tyrone Williams

In 2017, Kenning Editions plans two major publications: Juana 1 by Ana Arzoumanian (translated by Gabriel Amor) and El Texto Sucio / The Dirty Text by Soleida Rios (translated by Barbara Jamison). Ana Arzoumanian is a lawyer and psychoanalyst born and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Inspired by the tale of Juana the Mad, Queen of Spain, Juana 1 was adapted for the stage by Román Caracciolo, as La que necesita una boca. Soleida Rios is an important Cuban poet whose work is prized by many but circulated very little among English language readers. El Texto Sucio will be the first full-length book of her poetry to be published in the United States. These two books are edited by the new Chief Editor of Kenning Editions, Daniel Borzutzky.

Kenning Editions is a small press with a regular staff of one individual, who relies on the input of many, and now also your tax-deductible monetary contributions to continue. Consider becoming a supporter of Kenning Editions. Just click “donate” and enter the amount you would like to give.



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