The third annual Festival of Poets Theater’s online offerings are live at for one week. Stay tuned for the debut of Alain Jugnon’s ARTAUD IN AMERIKA this xmas eve, also at Artist bios are here.

  • Unscripted, unrehearsed, and unedited, NOW is a three-part improvisational work created for the Third Annual Festival of Poets Theater by Suzanne Stein and Steve Benson. Bridging, exploding, and reinforcing the dialectical tension and chaos underlying the dichotomy of practice and performance, NOW attempts to examine, understand, and simultaneously realize its own nature during the course of this half-hour-long documentation-as-product.


  • Douglas Kearney presents Sucktion. An abject housewife undergoes a cyber-erotic transformation through the subversive use of a vacuum cleaner. That’s Sucktion, a hyperopera composed by Anne LeBaron with a libretto by Douglas Kearney (published in Someone Took They Tongues. [Subito, 2016]). This performance, directed by Nataki Garrett, features the trio, SoNu (Nina Eidsheim, vocalist; Phil Curtis, laptop/sound design; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion), and was recorded at REDCAT in Los Angeles (2008).


  • Annie Dorsen presents Youtube 1-4, a set of music videos made from pop songs and youtube comments.


  • Antonin Artaud’s To Have Done with the Judgment of God (1947), a radio play embodying the “theater of cruelty.”


  • [Online December 24th, 2017] Patrick Durgin directs Alain Jugnon’s radio play Artaud in Amerikatranslated from the French by Nathanaël and derived on commission of the festival from the book. Recorded, edited and scored by Mark Booth, voices are by Booth, Durgin, Jeremy Biles, Caroline McCraw, Joel Craig, Devin King, and Fulla Abdul-Jabbar.


this is

a quick caption for Artaud in Amerika

because Artaud lives in it

I know that Trump did not know that my poet Artaud had hosted your Welles in France in 1948 out of love for Rita

but Artaud lives in it

the piece is called Artaud in Amerika

where you are not

there are Artaud and Welles who redraw the world in red

life in beauty

dreams in american

without Trumperie

with poetry

the cinema

and writing

Artaud in Amerika is Artaud who tweets to Trump:

leave the stage, we are the theater




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