Double Rainbow

BY Brandon Brown


Not available for purchase.

Double Rainbow is an essay about one of the most important artworks of the decade, Paul Vasquez’s Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow 1-8-10.  I mean Double Rainbow is a story about not very good stories,like Paul Vasquez’s rhythmic divine frenzy freakout of January 8, 2010 is not a very good story. And stories that start “I was so high that I” are not usually very good stories, but sometimes. I mean Double Rainbow is an inquiry into the meme sublime, manufactured candor, California Schadenfreude, sacrosanct Youtube, and the Grateful Dead.

Brandon Brown’s most recent books are The Good Life (Big Lucks) and Top 40 (Roof).  His writing has appeared recently in Art in America, Open Space, Fanzine, Art Practical, and Best American Experimental Writing. He lives in the Bay Area, where he co-edits Krupskaya and occasionally publishes small press materials under the imprint OMG!

Free PDF download: brown-double_rainbow