BY Devin King


ISBN: 9798985662832 (2023)

Devin King’s continuing saga, a narrative poem fit to perform. GATHERING begins at a dinner party in Chicago and ends in a utopia populated by storytelling ants. In between is a choral künstlerroman, a series of intertwined, poetic monologues that explore how the single narrator of existential and auto-fiction might be broadened to two, three, or even four narrators. Populated by characters introduced in Devin King’s earlier volumes, There Three and The Grand Complication, Gathering continues his argument for a narrative poetry told through “simultaneous flashes in order / spatial agreement meant to be performed.”

Devin King is the author of THERE THREE and THE GRAND COMPLICATION. Until recently, he was the poetry editor for The Green Lantern Press. He lives in Oxford, UK, where he is at work on a biography of Ronald Johnson.