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Ordinance, a critical series, issues nonfiction writing in the areas of contemporary poetics, philosophy, politics, and technology. Ordinance as in coordination, ordinal points, and incendiary potential. Ordinance offers essays and other texts with greater stamina than yesterday’s feed. Each chapbook in the series is handmade, perfect bound, and portable.

The Ordinance series is available by subscription ($35.00 for all). Your subscription is the most direct way to support the press’ ongoing efforts to make important new writing available. In the U.S., a subscription of $35.00 is postage paid. International subscribers incur a shipping charge of $15.00.

Ordinance books include Daniel Borzutzky’s Memories of my Overdevelopment, Julietta Cheung’s Minoritarian Enunciation and Global Product Culture, and titles by Daniel Spangler, Andrew Durbin, Cassandra Troyan, and Steven Zultanski, among others. The series will be complete by the end of 2016, with ten titles in all.