BY Daniel Spangler


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In Ring 0, writer and filmmaker Daniel Spangler describes an uncontrollable freefall into, and between, layers of code & complexity, during an ill-fated attempt to grasp the elusive opus of a rogue computer programmer from Las Vegas. Touching on themes of heretical code, mental illness, open-source software, algorithmized entropy, praise art, minimalism, God, and the history of digital timekeeping, Spangler unravels and reweaves the digital threads left behind by Davis, a man who believes that God resides within the Operating System of his own design.

Daniel Spangler is a writer and filmmaker.  His work consists of self-proclaimed “antidocumentaries” that seamlessly merge painstaking research with repurposed and tampered-with footage, visual effects, graphic design, pseudoscience, science, and storytelling.  He is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and now lives in Calfornia, where he studies math and physics.

Ordinance, a critical series, issues nonfiction writing in the areas of contemporary poetics, philosophy, politics, and technology. Ordinance as in coordination, ordinal points, and incendiary potential with greater stamina than yesterday’s feed. Each chapbook in the series is handmade, perfect bound, and portable. The Ordinance series is available by subscription ($35.00 for all) and Individual titles may be purchased ($7.00). The series will be complete by the end of 2016, with ten titles in all.

Free PDF download: Spangler_Ring-O