There Three

BY Devin King


ISBN: 9780999719893 (2020)

There Three collects Devin King’s early collections of poetry, previously published in now scarce, limited editions: CLOPS, These Necrotic Ethos Come the Plains, and The Resonant Space. The poems look out and back to get down in it, combining minimalist repetition with Homer, Louis Zukofsky’s modernism with Lux Interior’s psychotic teenage America, the apocalyptic noise music of Les Rallizes Denudes with contemporary theories of the object, and Huygens’ theory of pendulums with the operas of Strauss & Hofmannsthal. King’s organizing principle echoes Virgil’s early quest: how to grow bees out of rotting meat?

Devin King is the poetry editor for The Green Lantern Press. His narrative poem, The Grand Complication, was published by Kenning Editions in 2019. King also writes criticism, some of which can be found in The Chicago Review, Make Magazine, Plume Poetry, Dusted, and Critical Inquiry.