From where: a reverie on digital surrogates

BY Janelle Rebel


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1. Intellectual property—Intangible property. 2. Digital rights management. 3. Digital preservation—Distribution—Representation 4. Digital images—Intellectual history. 5. Libraries—Special collections—Digitization. 6. Library catalog management—Cataloging—Data processing. I. Rebel, Janelle.

Janelle Rebel’s activities span critical graphic design, experimental bibliography, and special collections librarianship. Her recent projects include a visual catalogue, Bibliographic Performances & Surrogate Readings (2016); an installation, Meanwhile, the surrogate for the presently absent gets a proxy (2016); a curated archive, Intro Intro… (2016); and a publication project, Endpapers for Post-Print Spaces (2015).

Free PDF download: rebel-from_where_a_reverie